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Why do we need a separate theatre for Black work?

Because: It would be a way of capturing black actors – one director in the group said not many black actors attended an audition held for a Shakespeare play It would allow different stories to be toldRead more


It is up to the performers to use several ‘style’ tools to directly address the audience and allow them to get involved. It is only possible for the performers to do so if they are totally truthful to themselves.Read more

New Forum where Conventional Theatre meets Community Theatre

Is there currently one in practice, or in development in the UK or elsewhere? Need for it? Who is it for? Should we bother? Is there a gap?Read more

“straight” theatre & “made/devised” theatre – creating a conversation about and between

We would like a discussion between ‘straight’ and ‘devised’ theatre. We are missing chances and liaisons and benefits by not talking to each other enough. We don’t like those terms.Read more

Artist Economy

Artist Economy How do we survive Financially in Hull post Hull 2017 Question • After the year of a lot financial input into the city, how do we as artists continue to work with less financial resources?Read more

Collaboration and Cross Fertilisation across Genres

The group agreed that one success of the 2017 year had been to see artists working across artforms. Continuing to work in this way would help to sustain momentum of activity across a range of artforms beyond 2017.Read more

Future Outdoor Live Arts Networks and Collaborations

2017 has seen many companies coming into the city to produce work outdoors (Street Theatre/Carnival etc). There are very few practitioners and companies specialising and working in outdoor live arts in the city.Read more

Writers and writing in Hull

We discussed: the lack of provision for brand new writers in Hull. There is currently: no writer training at all if you are interested in learning how to write a play, but have no experience, and no facility for reading unsolicited scriptsRead more

Getting Together and Doing "Stuff" Without an Agenda

ARTS JAM! -Just to make money? -What does the world need? -Like an Actors/Artists Centre - support -This links to other discussions this morning about an open creative space for artists in Hull to develop skills across multi-artsRead more

Spaces to Make in Hull

What spaces are there to make, perform, use, work in for artists in Hull? Who needs space? How? What can Hull do better?Read more

Resources for theatre/set design

We want resources for theatre/set design - Huge waste and need How can we? • Recycle • Share • Store • Props & Materials / Visuals • Prop SwapRead more

Lullaby Swap

I called this session on behalf of my colleague at Hull Libraries, Ellen Biancini, who couldn't be here today. Ellen coordinates Hull's Big Malarkey children's literature festival, which saw it's inaugural launch in June 2017.Read more