**Riddley's Interest in Voice Acting**: Riddley expressed an interest in doing voices and impersonations, indicating a natural talent for capturing the essence of different characters through voice. Phelim (his Dad) and others noted Riddley's skill and suggested that it's a valuable talent in the realm of voice acting.

**Advice on Starting a Voice Acting Career**We talked about how people in voice acting professionally build up their experience , emphasizing the importance of creating a voice reel. This reel should showcase a range of voices, accents, or snippets of dialogue to demonstrate versatility. It's noted that voice reels can be relatively short, offering a quick yet comprehensive look at an individual's vocal range.

Riddley was exited about: **Building a Home Studio**: Then we touched on the feasibility and benefits of setting up a home recording studio, especially in the post-pandemic landscape where many voice actors have adapted to working remotely. This included practical advice on the equipment and environment needed for quality voice recordings. Egg Boxes on the Walls!

We got excited about**Exploring and Creating Content**We talked about Riddley exploring writing and performing his own scripts, possibly starting with humorous adverts or parody dubs. This could also include using voiceover work for existing scripts available online, thereby practicing and bringing varied scripts to life through voice.

**Feedback and Experimentation**: We talked about The importance of receiving feedback on one's voice and its qualities and being open to experimentation. Engaging in playful, creative projects and getting used to hearing one's own recorded voice are steps for growth in voice acting.

We also touched on**Voice Care and Exercises**, including exercises to warm up the voice and maintain vocal health. The value of reading aloud, whether from books or scripts, as practice for voice work is also mentioned. Erica did some great exercises with Riddley feeling the differences after doing these voice and physical exercises. Riddley enjoyed doing these exercises with the Ex Acting Director of the Royal Shakespeare Co.. by the refreshments stall.. Only at D&D!

**Commitment to Action**We made a commitment towards some voice acting goals, such as making recordings and setting up our own home studio in the basement. There was a shared agreement on the importance of following one's interests and passions and not in any way turning it into a “Career” so it lost its excitement.. while remaining open to learning and exploring different facets of voice acting.