Andy on his solo work

It’s about a burning concern, something that enrages not just an academic requirement.

If it keeps you up at night people are interested.

Early Stages

A true story? Document the story, dates, anecdotes, seeing all this can help you find themes or a through line.

What is the use to the audience?

e.g. homelessness needs a call to action.

Therefore people need to care.

Then script.

Doesn’t like lying to the audience.

Thought Every Brilliant Thing was great until he found it was fiction.

Who are you? A useful exercise he had done was to stand on stage and have people tell him what they saw.

Know what the audience sees.

e.g. a lost puppy

Call to action. His show on Homelessness asked “can I stay on your sofa tonight?”

A genuine question. He was homeless.

What about fictionalising your life? Fine but he had plenty of real stories to fill the stage with.

If you are dealing with a difficult topic leave space for recovery.

Do a risk assessment. Is it safe?


Never make it alone. You don’t have to be a lonely suffering artist. Making a solo show doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Can be immensely social.

Gather allies, the magic 6. People who you want to help you with the show.

Invite them to read or view.

Someone who’s will say how it is.

Honesty find the right ones.

Someone to bounce ideas off

Solo work is a volcanic eruption.

Solo work is just a play with a very small cast.

Solo Show Events

Pests Productions (Bournemouth)

The Scenic Route

Catalyst Festival

Face to Face Festival - Colin Watkeys

Ways of thinking about it

Write a review of the show you imagine it will be and mention one thing that needs work.

Then write that show.

Imagine the show with an infinite budget.

Then make a 1 minute version of that show.

Make it with no budget in your house.

Theme of Mental Health

Don’t be vague.

Something that is happening right now

What do you want to do?

What is the action you want the audience to take?

What can TV do their TV and film can’t?


Offer the audience a cup of tea.

Build a relationship. Maybe direct it to one person.

David Wood makes shows put of “suddenlys” in a regular show this might be someone entering , a different place, what are your suddenlys?

Daniel Kitson Show

Sets up that he is going to itemise every object in his flat then breaks the run and goes off at a tenant and that’s where the show is

You’re taking the audience for a hike. Sometimes they need a rest.

Extend. Take the show and add shows on. What comes after?

Don’t use cliche.

The audience has said it their heads before you have finished the sentence.

Art is the manipulation of words, images and symbols in order to change the consciousness

Make your practical decisions artistic.

Make it 50 mins long.

Decide when are you going to make it?

Write it down.

Get the ideas down.

Have a notebook, a file, a box,

Capture the ideas.

Make a conspiracy wall with photos and labels and string.

Don’t be afraid to write badly.


Thanks to everyone who came