We met at Slung Low Leeds in our first long weekend D&D after pandemic. It was brilliant!

In previous big D&Ds we made 267 dolls. I called a session asking for help making 33 dolls so we could reach 300, 10% of the community of almost 3000 so far.

Frank, Elspeth, Ruby, Keith, Joanne, Amy, Pat, Caitlin, Zoe, Saskia, Nina, Cora, Tenar, Jack, Lloyds, Ruby, Ess, Ali, Antony, Leannah, Amy, Tim, Jocelyn, Debbie were inspired to help. There were also three more people I forgot to write down the names. Some of the makers made two or three dolls.

We worked non stop during the weekend and I am so happy to say we made it. Actually we made one more on Monday so the total is 34 dolls.

I’ll organise all comments in the next post.

I missed a lot to be together a whole weekend making dolls in a big D&D. Last time was four years ago. I am so happy it happened again this year. The dolls have come to the event since they were born. First time there were only seven of them. They feel at home, they love it.

Thank you SO much for all the makers who helped us to achieve our target, to Beatrice who painted the wall including the dolls in abundance, to Matt from Slung Low and a huge thank you to Lee, Phelim and all Improbable team who once more did an amazing generous job holding the space for everybody. I love you all so much. Thank you!