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For 25 hours on 5th to 6th June 2021, Improbable partnered with the 3rd Global Improvisation Initiative (GII) Symposium on an international gathering of those interested in improvisation and all its manifestations and applications.

202 people signed up to this event with attendees from across the globe including the UK, USA, Philippines and Australia. Of these 202 people, approximately 40 people attended. The attendees were invited to complete an optional and self-selecting data capture wall. You can read the results of that on page 37.

Full list of sessions:

  • Improv, key competencies & the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Interactive improvisational theatre
  • Warming up
  • Improv to develop empathy (with children)
  • Status as Empowerment (Theresa Robbins Dudeck)
  • How to teach / perform impro in the real world now?
  • Improvisation and Mental Health
  • NAP
  • New Musical Improv Games
  • Music Improv - the tech on Zoom or just singing
  • Status as Tool
  • Intersection/combination b/w Improv & Spiritual practices
  • Creating Emotional Connection on Zoom: Active Listening
  • Why Do Acting Training Programs Need Impro?
  • Lyrical Impro: Using Improvised Magical Realism to Transform the World and Ourselves
  • Improv to Improve Science and Human Services - ideas and convo
  • Innovative Improvisation in the Last Year
  • How to Create/Maintain a Psychologically Safe Space
  • Global Check-In
  • Research on & with improv
  • Online improv Change Agent platform
  • How it feels to be insignificant in Global conferences
  • Rhythm and Flow in Improv. Flow, Drum Circles and Ta Ke Ti Na...etc.
  • Meta-structures for long-form (applied) improvisation - its relevance for our current times?
  • What comes next; lost in Manchester
  • Facilitating impro/improv

Click here to read / download the Devoted & Disgruntled at GII 2021 reports (.pff)