Report by Tyrell Jones:

Key suggestions:

A co-op group of theatre and arts orgs with aligned aims, leveraging corporate sponsorship.
Twinning with similar companies operating in a different geographical area (and therefore not competing)
We reflected on Bradford Cultural Voice and the success they have had in leveraging funding. (Even though none went to artists).
We reflected on the culture of over employing producers for festivals (like Leeds 2023) and under employing artists. It was suggested that any solution should not be about creating a new institution which is costly and leads to low artistic spend. Alex Chisholm asked if there was a way to get away from “The Massive Thing Model” and move towards something more sustainable.
An idea was proposed to somehow connect up what already exists to create a festival of co-operative programming between small – mid scale venues across Yorkshire. This was agreed to be a good idea.
Proposed names: Yorkshire Fringe, National Theatre of Yorkshire, Yorkshire Independent Festival.
Could there be a collective bid, which draws together multiple venues, programmes under one banner and share resources?

Actions: The proposer has committed to setting up an email thread with all those interested to pursue this conversation further.