Creating the place—what do we expect when we come? What’s going to happen? Ownership—is the work for me? How is the trauma connected?

This question can be interpreted in a number of ways. It may be best to define what you’re working on—what’s the objective? Audience participation versus community participation?

Tools and target
Time and space
Who and where

Playback Theater:
There is a container, or theme; a ritual of the space/crossing of a threshold, personal stories are offered—where does the story begin? Listening… Finding an ending.

Giving the audience agency
Audience investment can create greater meaning

Examples mentioned:
Rua Wölf, Moroccan wildfires, stories from kids from the street, Playback Theater, “Hahahahaha”, 50-hour non-stop show

Laughter brings everyone together.

Temporary autonomous zones—independent of the world around you