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Devoted & Disgruntled is a nationwide conversation about theatre and the performing arts, run by theatre company Improbable.


Author: Sarah Grange

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Run by theatre company Improbable, Devoted & Disgruntled is an ongoing conversation using Open Space Technology, giving theatre and performing arts practitioners the space and time they need to create positive change. 

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Latest reports

  • Programming the Performing Arts

    I wanted to open up some questions relating to programming that have been sitting with me as I embark on curating work. Some provocations to start with were: What constitutes a cohesive programme? Where to start? Audience? Venue? Soul searching? 'Phone a friend' – networks, consortia, sharing costs and resources, what if we all turn it to mush? Read more

  • PRODUCERS UNITE (Lets talk producing)

    The discussion started by looking at the potential of a network for producers working in the independent sector. The idea of a ‘central intelligence’ was recommend - a space in which producers could share and have a network or hub for resources and ideas. There was much debate about this, especially looking at the definition of a producer and does a central network work when often a producer has so many roles and special skills. Read more

  • Press Nights - Is it time to move on?

    Press nights are weird. A potentially nervous cast performs to a group of critics and, generally, a well meaning non-paying audience who are half-watching the critics and half-trying to support their mates in the show. The press then rush home and rush out a review for the next day. In most cases, the press night has itself been rushed into being by producers/venues who need the reviews to sell tickets… Read more


    Is there a need for a POST-IMMERSIVE MANIFESTO? 'Immersive' is one of the most overused terms to describe theatre productions today that aim to involve audiences in unconventional ways. But it doesn't stop there. With the mainstream success of specific ‘immersive’ productions, this trend goes beyond the theatre and arts industry. From games distributors to Westfield shopping centres, just about every organization seems to be discussing how ‘immersive’ events can... Read more

  • Pop-up Politics: permeability, place, audienceship + political forms

    Connotations of pop-up. ‘Pop-up’ as a strategy has been co-opted by retail, brands, marketing to such an extent that it can feel tired/cynical. There is a need for communities to have ownership over place and space, and not have art done ‘to’ them. But there is also value in art being a disruption, how to retain the rebellious, radical feel of festivals. Read more

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