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Devoted & Disgruntled is a nationwide conversation about theatre and the performing arts, run by theatre company Improbable.


Author: Ess Grange

Join the national conversation about the future of theatre

Run by theatre company Improbable, Devoted & Disgruntled is an ongoing conversation using Open Space Technology, giving theatre and performing arts practitioners the space and time they need to create positive change. 

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Devoted & Disgruntled 2024: What are we going to do about theatre and the performing arts?

Our annual unconventional convention for everyone involved in theatre and the performing arts, is back for the first full weekend event since the pandemic! For our 19th D&D, we are at Slung Low's The Warehouse in Leeds from 16th - 18th March 2024.




Author: Ellie Claughton

Location: The Warehouse in Holbeck,Crosby St, Leeds

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