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Devoted & Disgruntled is a nationwide conversation about theatre and the performing arts, run by theatre company Improbable.


Author: Sarah Grange

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Run by theatre company Improbable, Devoted & Disgruntled is an ongoing conversation using Open Space Technology, giving theatre and performing arts practitioners the space and time they need to create positive change. 

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Latest reports

  • Found Space Network

    Two different lines of thought led the conversation 1) Creating spaces for a community 2) Creating spaces for artists Both these lines of thinking are organic and naturally crossover Read more

  • Female Leaders in the Arts: a Norm Not a Niche

    I called this report as in my opinion, balance of female ‘leaders’ (CEOs, heads of departments, writers, roles for actors, exec producers etc etc) is still very much tipped. How can we get past the idea that a company is different for having a female exec or that a show is currently ‘on trend’ if it is created by two female actor/writers and just make these things a norm? Read more

  • Exposure versus Exposing (or why can't I buy bread with exposure...?)

    I called this session because it had previously made me very angry. It had only occurred to me once I was in the D&D12 room though that I was still angry, and that this subject was still alive inside me. Just because now I've stopped accepting ‘exposure’ as a good enough term for me to do work for other people for free, doesn't mean I'm not still passionate about it, nor does it mean that I'm okay that other people are potentially being exposed by it. Read more


    Essex is a brilliant and fascinating place - it is huge but it is often narrowed to stereotypes. The people are warm and welcoming but often are seen as being quite closed off and insular because large parts of the county traditionally vote for the more right wing parties (except Colchester). It can often be thought of as an extension of London (which it definitely is when you are trying to encourage audiences to venture their on the train) but it is absolutely different. Read more

  • Enlivened Learning: Re-imagining theatre and Performing Arts education

    The discussion we had in this session revolved around the state of current theatre education in schools and colleges and what could be done in the future to challenge perception of theatre and performing arts education. Read more

Upcoming events

  • Devoted & Disgruntled satellite: What are we going to do about the performing arts in Havering and South Essex?

    A free evening satellite D&D event hosted by Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch Read more

  • D&D: What Can We All Do to Build a More Sustainable Fringe for Everyone?

    Part of the Fringe Central Programme for Fringe participants. Artist, technician, venue staff or audience member – you’ll know the pains as well as the joys of the Fringe. This is your chance to help make the Fringe work better for the very people who give it reason. You. Bring your own questions and ideas – you set the agenda and nothing is censored. An open space – come for as much or as little as you want. Read more