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On Friday 19 - Monday 21 March 2022 Improbable hosted our 17th annual conference for theatre and performing arts people that took place online. 

About 200 people attended over the weekend of which approximately 10% completed the demographic survey. Acknowledging that this is a low percentage of participants, therefore little can be determined, here were the results:

  • 29% of the participants identified as producers or administrators; 21% as directors; 12.5% as performers; 8% as teachers and 8% as writers. Other vocations represented included production manager, movement director, student, movement facilitator and publicist/PR.
  • 60% of participants were between the ages of 46 and 55 while 40% were between the ages of 26 and 45.
  • 80% identified as White British while 20% identified as being from Black, Asian or other Minority Ethnic backgrounds.
  • 29% were based in London; 43% were based outside of London and 28% were based outside of England.

In his invitation, Improbable co-artistic director Phelim mcDermott said:

“When everything first shut down in the UK in March 2020 Improbable decided not to put our theatre work online but instead to find out how to Open Space online, how to bring the atmosphere of an authentic conversation, a real exchange, a great tea break, to our zoom rooms. And we did.

For the first time ever, we held our annual Devoted and Disgruntled event online and it was extraordinary. People came who had never been able to attend before. People came from across the world. People came who had been isolated in their homes and they said it felt like the first time they had been out since lockdown started.”

Fast forward to Spring 2022 and lockdown restrictions had eased and we were able to meet again in a physical space but we couldn’t ignore all of the amazing benefits of online events in regard to access and connection to the international theatre community.

The document you are about to read is a collection of the reports written by participants who attended the first D&D to take place in 2022 which we hosted online. The reports have not been edited or curated in any way and are presented as they were on Monday 4 April 2022. We hope that these ideas, provocations, themes and questions may be picked up by participants at (or organisers of) future events. 

An artist called Raquel Durán created a series of graphics that represent the overall atmosphere of the event. Raquel was not in every session, she mainly butterflied around to get a general understanding of the discussions that were taking place. She then presented them as graphics with one for each day and a fourth that attempts to visually represent a version of the whole event. This of course is only one perspective and a snapshot of some of the extraordinary things that happened over the weekend. You can find these graphics below with full image descriptions to be added to the document soon.

Click here for D&D Online 2022 Day 1 image description

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Click here to read the Devoted & Disgruntled Online 2022 reports