Yes And...we played it 3 or 4 rounds with growing joy
Yes And...I had my phone recording the sessions
Yes And...the tec doesn't always work
Yes And...I went to the loo in the middle of the session
Yes was inspiring and I can remember some of it

First there was a provocation that every young person of voting age was inspired to vote at the next election. Every single one. And Yes there was a march on parliament and it was joyful and it happened today involving all the D&D creatives and artists and puppets. And there was a band. And there were some explosives in a big drum. And the building was destroyed [no artists were hurt in the making of this narrative]. And a new parliament building was created completely using Open Space and circles and beanbags. And the beanbag industry became the largest employer in the UK.

And then the Bank of England opened its doors to all artists and we/they built a boat out of all the printed banknotes stitching them together as sails. And yes the massive boat sailed to Calais and brought back all the amazing refugees to enrich our Country. And yes this creative action was recreated across the world. And yes the sails were deconstructed and the money given to all the artists, And because the notes had holes from the stitching it was known they they had been part of this amazing endevour and the notes became worth far more and were snapped up by collectors and that money multiplied the amount going to the artists. Theatre became the core way in which government was fashioned and all White Papers were published by Samuel French and turned into theatre productions too - so that everyone could be part of the fashioning of laws that may be needed.

As my train of thought tries to keep up with my LNER train of progress, I know there was much more explored and new wonderful inventions of future reality conjured by those present. I remember all Open Space D&D reports beings seen as works of art and framed in order to be displayed around the world in galleries. And yes there was a circle of bean bags around/below each exhibit so that the young voters and the creative theatremakers from around the world could bring these reports to life and give them 3 dimensional voice and being. And yes they took the ideas in these reports and grew them in ways to enrich life and the universe.

And yes the conversation moved to parties, of course, and the making of work by communities. And yes we explored the amazing legacy of Curious Monkey and the refugee and asylum seeker community who encouraged the direction of travel for small amounts of money and time. And yes each creation with these funds revolved around a party and food and a happening and community meeting each other and some theatre and some dancing (well lots of dancing) and joy.

And yes a question was asked of Lee "had there ever been a D&D party created using Open Space"....and yes of course the answer could only be a silent shake of the head because one word was banned from the space. And yes the idea blossomed to be a 20th anniversary Open Space party created by all the participants which involved some prep but would involve us all in the making of whatever happens, for as long as it happens.

And yes this idea was then explored for more local parties and fun with friends and family at home in our own community or houses. With the Law of Mobility allowing the host to leave their own party and go and stay at a friends.

I missed some chunks of discussion and hope those who were there will add their own directions of creative mind travel. I pick out two provocations for us/others to consider:
1) HOW TO MOBILISE YOUNG PEOPLE - every young person - TO VOTE. Could this be a mission for many artists in many ways in the months leading up to the election.
2) Could we have a 20th ANNIVERSARY D&D OPEN SPACE PARTY with music, and rye bread, and dancing, and pop up stuff, and community, and deep conversation and dreaming conversations.

Notes from the rough memory of Chris without the aid of the recording.