‘There is always room for a little more dreams.’

‘I enjoyed filling my doll with dreams sitting down and having uncomplicated honest conversations with people. I wish my doll well. It was a lovely experience to sit down with.’

‘A firm figure, so stuffed

that the red thread snaps at the hip.

My skirt button pops off

as I sit to make the final snip.’

‘A very relaxing and fulfilling experience. Making my doll at d&d made my day because was something out of the ordinary. I extremely enjoyed my day with dreams and a heart. The doll I made had only a couple of breaks that were easy to fix and made my doll is unique.’

‘I am very happy to bring you one doll closer to 3000. Thank you for a peaceful hour and lovely conversation.’

‘My doll today embodies my dreams for my daughter who is having a difficult time at the moment. My heart to her heart, my dreams to her dreams. Thank you x.’

‘A beautiful mindful moment of focus and reflection. Creating something bigger than the sum of its parts.’

‘That was so darn relaxing.’

‘Putting dreams into my feet and hands, brain and heart. Allowing me to roam free and keep running and exploring for ideas I long for a better world. A dream land.’

‘It was magical! To be focused, to be creative, to be quiet, to have a heart, to be absorbed, to be, to just be…Thank you!’

‘So many dreams packed into a small body. A heart obscured by dreamstuff. Return to the pulse.’

‘There is a lot of space inside us for a lot of dreams. Our hearts connect to the pulse of the universe around us. It’s easy to get a little saggy at the seams but tender energies can reaps, renew and strengthen us. This is what I ‘learnt’ today with my dreams and a heart doll.

Ps I also learned that ‘learnt’ can be spelt ‘ learned’ – and ‘spelt’ can be spelled ‘ spelled’ or ‘spelt’. Lol .’

‘My second doll has silky skin, firm yet yielding arms, a defined waist, a distinct left thumb, a big right toe, several stitches under the left arm, a squiggle under the right shoulder blade, neat white stitching up the left inner thigh, a heart that beats with wings of

butterflies and the buzz of bees.’

‘A lovely contemplative experience with interesting thoughts and conversations. I’ve put a little part of me out into the world.’

‘It was a beautiful experience. Namaste.’

‘Thank you little doll for carrying these dreams with you. I know they are in a special place with you. I am grateful for the small part I have had in your making.’

‘I loved the relaxing feeling of slowly making the doll. This has really made my day.’

Thank you so much for your help and for the lovely time we spent together, love you all.