The short answer is that there was indeed at least two of us present.

The long answer is that there are many barriers keeping the GRTSB+ out of the room - all the usual ones for marginalised groups, plus more.

At least one attendant was shocked to learn that Travellers get blanket banned from all sorts of spaces, from pubs and gay bars to holiday resorts and parks, explicitly.

Tina Carter comes with information about a fantastic archive of fairground, circus and more at the University of Sheffield, with members of the communities drawing on the material there.

Nick Sweeting mentions helping a Roma musician - Joice Vamoosi - get funding for a multi-year project in Bradford.

There's mention of the vast Traveller communities of Kent, and how they'll be a considerable number of Improbable's new neighbours.

We chat about how international and local we can be at the same time; our local roots and global experiences, cousins in Palestine and how the Romani came to Norway 500 years ago - by being deported from Britain.

We talk about how many opportunities, from funding to workshops, aren't accessible unless you have a fixed address.

As a tongue-in-cheek but equally sincere attempt at visibility and connection, Invi Brenna gets to making giant fortune tellers from the paper pads provided. This sparks plenty of lovely interactions and conversations, across ages and fields of expertise, and can absolutely be recommended. Especially if you fill your fortune teller with satirical takes on things you might hear from funding bodies or show bookers.