in attendance- Gemma, Rachel, Maya, Brigitte, Michelle, Chris, Sho, Claire, Annie, Phelim, Ben, Conall & others

What are narratives of success? How do we hold space for fucking up? Is it 'your bad' or is it circumstantial- either way, you still have to bear it. Can failures be teaching/learning tools for other people?

In poker, you have to know when to fold. Professional players always fold sooner than amateurs.

How to sit in the painful bit- feeling shame. The connection between public failure and shame. What is your own psychological contract with yourself around success/failure.

Getting support when you're in the moment of failure. What happens when people don't step up to support you? Finding out who is helpful. Is there a way to build resources and systems that make space for failure? Shared leadership is one way to distribute risk.

The alchemic process of failure- it changes you. It can cook you-change you-transform you- if you allow yourself to be changed by it as you move through it. Stay in it, really feel it. You could come through it really knowing what you want.

How not to be defined by your failure whilst still owning and acknowledging it

Can you make a toolkit for rejection that you get use when you need it?

Cheerleading for people
Reading out your worst reviews
Creating a ritual to reframe the failure, or to purge it
Not comparing

How to separate the failure from yourself as a person.

"Teflon for reward, Velcro for the shit stuff"

Grief- the grief stays with you but you grow around it

What does success look like for me?

Brene Brown- "Rising Strong"
Byron Katie- "The Work" What is my business, what is your business and what is god's businesss?