Overview of D&D on the proroguing of parliament, written for a What's Next? meeting

Key themes from: Devoted & Disgruntled: What action can we take as the arts sector in response to the proroguing of parliament? Written for a meeting of the What's Next? Young Vic chapter Read more

Cleaning up our information ecosystem

We live now in information - it is our environment. An aspect of what we can do in response to current events is the information we have about what's actually going on. Perhaps if we can clean up the information environment we will make better decisions about what to do next. Read more


Changing the narrative between politicians and artists by using the super powers of each. Read more

Withdrawing labour as a freelance Artist

"Withdrawing labour as a freelance Artist" Is this useful? How can we do this? Why would we do this? What are the barriers? To what end? Read more

How Can I (a monolingual person) Make a Multilingual Show - for a Monolingual Audience?

I went to a talk at the Italian Cultural Institute featuring an English playwright and an Italian playwright, each speaking their own languages. I sat in the audience wearing headphones, and a ‘simultaneous translator’ hid behind the curtain with a microphone, speaking English in my ears while the Italian playwright spoke. It felt like I could understand Italian. I want to make a show that feels like that. Read more

How can Voila! Europe help you to connect with cross-cultural collaborators?

Voila! Europe Theatre Festival cultivates European theatre in London. Beyond our annual festival, we want to help artists connect and collaborate, and create opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. Read more

Dreams and a Heart - Help me to put dreams and a heart into my dolls ( number ?)

Deptford Lounge 'Writting: what do you need, and what can you share?' Read more

Who needs to change? - Diversity/inclusivity in drama schools.

This was one of the most incredible Devoted and Disgruntled sessions that I have attended. It was at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and the discussions featured a heartwarming group of individuals whose collective experiences, knowledge and intellect on the issue of inclusivity in training fed a really important and intriguing session. Read more

How can we 'sell' Translated or non-UK theatre to UK venues?

We talked about the practical reasons why only 1% of theatre in the UK is in translation, and tried to identify barriers to getting non-UK work put on here, then find some practical approaches to overcoming them. Although we may have asked more questions than we had answers, we began with frustration and ended feeling actually quite practical and hopeful! Read more

Making Connections: Artsist on the margins and gatekeepers

An action group to introduce artists and venues/programmers Read more

Your Life is a Deck of Cards: Shuffle up and suit yourself!

“How can the ancient symbols of clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds animate your work practices? You’re doing your best with the hand you’re dealt but things can feel limited no matter how lucky you feel or how strategically you play. Don’t come to brush up your bridge skills or practice your poker face but to unpack the archetypes that are hidden within your own story. Enjoy digging into fresh ideas and discover a trove of diamonds right under your feet! Elspeth Murray brings to the table over Read more

How to tour successful fringe musicals?

Having produced a sell out show called "Ferguson's Gang" at The Yvonne Arnaud's Mill Theatre in Guildford last September I am looking for the best way/s of being able to take it to wider audiences without losing my shirt! Read more

Neurodiversity in the Cultural Workforce. Access beyond Audiences and Artists

The majority (perhaps all?) current conversation within our sector around access for Neurodiverse people, concerns audiences, and artists. And predominantly that conversation centers around individuals or groups who have additional learning disabilities. It is no surprise that we consider that a lack of intellectual disability means that there will be no barriers to access, but it is disappointing that this is still the prevailing belief. Without taking anything away from those important conver Read more

I need a producer, how do I make it happen?

Over the last few years the reliance on the producer model for independent artists has become ever more prevalent. What are the current conversations we're having about the producer model in the freelance/independent arts Read more