21 July 2016

What Are We All Going To Do To Develop Arts And Culture In Basingstoke And Deane?

Proteus Creation Space, Council Road, Basingstoke, RG21


5 - 9:30pm

An invitation from Mary Swan, Artistic Director and Chief Executive, Proteus

There is a unique opportunity, right now, for all artists – whether individual, collective, from any art-form or background, to influence the way Culture is developed in Basingstoke by the local Council. Basingstoke and Deane Local Authority want to hear from us, and we’re inviting you to come to Proteus Creation Space to start the conversation with them. How often does this happen? In twenty years as a professional artist making work all over the country, I never heard of a Local Authority actually asking the artists what they think the Cultural Strategy for the next five years should look like! I think we (the artistic community) are exactly the right people to tell the council how it feels to be an artist based here and what issues are close to our hearts, and to ask how, beyond funding, can they support us to develop? This is too good an opportunity to miss.

And as if that isn’t enough we have convinced them to invite our lovely friends at Improbable to facilitate an Open Space session for us to have this important conversation together – so it isn’t ‘death by powerpoint’ facilitated by someone who knows nothing about the arts. This is your time to work together on the issues important to you, with all sorts of people from diverse practices and backgrounds, but who all share a passion for the arts and cultural life of the Borough.

You don’t even have to be based here – we also invite companies and artists who collaborate with organisations based here, may exhibit or teach here, or who make work here to join us. We want to hear from all aspects of arts and culture in its broadest sense, not just those who identify as ‘Artists’. If you’re working in Architectural Practices, Graphic Design, local tourism or festivals, if you’re Arts Lecturers and Teachers, Academics, technicians, craftspeople and of course, audiences - you’re invited. The broader the conversation, the richer it will be.

Things are changing in Basingstoke. There’s been a quiet invasion, a slow revolution. Over the past three years the arts and cultural organisations based here have been through a period of massive change and evolution. Not all have survived, but those that have want to ensure we create a future for Basingstoke where Culture is cherished and valued.

Come and help us do that. If you feel you’ve never been listened to, if you’ve got ideas, solutions, projects or visions for the future of the area, this is your chance to have your say! Engage with your local councillors, reconnect with communities, meet new people you might make future work with, and raise the big issues no-one else has noticed.....

I can’t wait to see you all!

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