9 - 10 January 2015

D&D North: What Are We Going To Do About Theatre & The Performing Arts?

Playhouse Square, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UP

West Yorkshire Playhouse


Invitation from James Brining, Artistic Director, West Yorkshire Playhouse:

It is now over two years since the D&D Roadshow came to Leeds. At this point, I was embarking on my first year as Artistic Director at West Yorkshire Playhouse, and went away from the Roadshow astounded by the vibrancy and passion of the creative community in Leeds, and the richness and diversity of the exchange that took place.

There were conversations around diversity in theatre, connecting the universities with theatre makers, what larger organisations are doing to support the smaller companies, collaboration, money, the role of theatre in the 21st century, mentors, audiences, what the Playhouse could and should be, what the creative ecology of our city could and should be, and I could go on…

I found the last D&D in Leeds hugely useful and thought provoking and am keen to continue some of the conversations that were started and embark on new ones too. This is why I am encouraging everyone who cares about theatre to join this genuinely open dialogue. So its over to you. Whether you’re an artist, technician, lecturer, student or producer – if you’re an audience member, or just starting out and learning your trade – if you are passionate about theatre and performance and its future then D&D is you.

January 2015 marks ten years of D&D – Devoted & Disgruntled 10 will take place from 24-26 January at York Hall in London. Two weeks prior at West Yorkshire Playhouse,  D&D North will offer a moment for people across the North of England to gather and connect. We are delighted to be able to host the event with the brilliant Improbable, and it’s vital that this conversation becomes as wide as possible, beyond our immediate surroundings and collaborators. So whether you can make it to D&D 10 or not, please join us on the 9 and 10 January at D&D North and have your say.

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