3 July 2014

D&D Cornwall: 2024 - What Could Our Cornish Cultural Landscape Look Like?

Hall for Cornwall, Back Quay, Truro, TR1 2LL

10AM - 6PM

Michael White, Head of Arts Development warmly invites you, valued colleagues working in performance across Cornwall, to gather and share your thoughts on the future of culture in the region.

In Cornwall an incredibly rich pool of artistic talent operates across fragmented networks and there exists an abundant historical canon of work, but sometimes it’s hard to look outside the here and now, from project to project, to focus on a wider end goal, to look towards thriving to build new networks which are valid and robust for tomorrow.

Working in the second poorest region in the UK, our strong sense of place and fighting spirit makes for a fresh and innovative artistic environment, but is that enough? What is over the horizon?

So, what do you think the future looks like? Can we develop as pioneers of collaboration across rural isolation? To achieve a unique cultural heritage in the future do we need to secure new audiences? Young people, how do we support them in a way that is appropriate to them? What about diversity? What does this mean in light of our minority status? What about cultural tourism? Does it hold the key to turning around a future without grant aid?

These are some of our thoughts, we invite you to bring some more…the ones that are important to you. It’s about your voice being heard, and about us supporting each other - collectively nurturing an environment of trust and enrichment.

If you are disgruntled or feel frustrated, or you have some great ideas on how a brighter future can be achieved, this is the chance to share your views.  We want you to take ownership of the process.  This I hope is just the start of an exciting opportunity for change and the beginning of a new chapter for us all…

Join us for a Devoted & Disgruntled Open Space, facilitated by Improbable.

We hope to see you there!

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