General information

You can find a PDF map of the event space here.

There is free entry for Carers/Personal Assistants.

Information for wheelchairs users

Disabled Parking is available to the rear of New Diorama Theatre, which is approximately 500 feet / 150 metres from the entrance to ND2. There is also limited parking available down the Triton Square side of the ND2 building, which is approximately 125 feet / 40 metres from the entrance.The routes from both these parking areas are flat and free of kerbs. While there is no local Blue Badge designated parking, on Saturdays and Sundays local parking restrictions don't apply, so you can park for free along Drummond Street, Stanhope Street and Longford Street.

You can see a walk-up video from the parking at the rear of New Diorama Theatre here: DP walk-up video

A photograph of the exterior of the venue, showing where taxi drop-off and disabled parking are located

The NDT and Triton building spaces do require advance booking so please let us know if you require one of these spaces by using the access request section of the ticket booking form, or by emailing [email protected] or by phoning 020 7240 4556.

It is possible for taxis to drop off directly in front of the building entrance. Drivers should be directed to Triton Square, turning off at the Longford Street / Drummond Street junction.

A map showing taxi and disabled parking access routes for ND2

Once inside the building, there are 4 lifts to the 1st floor, where the event is held. The event space itself is step-free throughout. There  are two wheelchair-accessible toilets. Here is a photograph of what they look like inside.

Photograph showing the inside of the wheelchair-accessible toilet at ND2

If you have mobility needs but don’t use a wheelchair, there are plenty of chairs and spaces to rest throughout the event, and you are welcome to move wherever you like at any time.

Information for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing participants:

We are booking a number of BSL interpreters for the event. We will add more as we get your requests. We can also book lip-speakers if you prefer. To ensure we have enough interpreters or lip speakers booked, please let us know if you require these services using the access request section of the booking form, or by emailing [email protected]

We will have at least 1 hearing-looped breakout space, hopefully more. We are investigating other options to support hard-of-hearing participants and will provide more information as this develops. We will be trialling one possible solution at our November D&D satellite event. Because of the nature of the event, captioning is not an option, since for the vast majority of the time, participants are split into small simultaneous conversations, which are impossible to caption usefully.

Information for Visually Impaired participants:

We can provide you with a dedicated assistant to guide you around the space, read out any written material - for example, the timetable wall - and to help you make notes and create your reports.

Guide dogs are welcome.

We are investigating other ways to make the event more accessible for Visually Impaired participants, and would welcome your input. We are testing some options at our D&D satellite event on November 22nd. Contact us by phoning 020 7240 4556, emailing [email protected] or use the Access request section of the booking form.

We can also accept payment for tickets over the phone if you prefer not to use the website.

Information for Neurodivergent participants:

Devoted and Disgruntled uses a process called Open Space Technology. If you would like to know more about how this process works and what to expect, please see our separate guide to Open Space Technology here.

There are walk-up videos to show you the route to ND2 from these stations.

If you need help at any time during the event, you should look for people wearing these yellow t-shirts. The t-shirt on the left shows what the front will look like. the t-shirt on the right shows what the back will look like.

Images showing the front and back of a bright yellow t-shirt with the D&D logo, and the text I can help you printed on it

People wearing these are our event support staff. They can help you to:

  • Understand the Open Space Technology process
  • Post your sessions on the timetable wall
  • Read the timetable wall and find the breakout spaces you would like to visit
  • Take notes and create your report
  • Find your way around
  • Answer any questions you have and clarify anything that feels confusing

This year we will have a silent space where you can go if you need some time to yourself. It is much smaller than the main space and more dimly lit. This space will be clearly signposted at the event. You can also ask the support staff to show you the way to it. It is marked on the PDF map of the event space as "silent space". You can see it at the bottom of the map, just under the cloakroom.

Devoted & Disgruntled events are always “relaxed performances”. You can move around whenever you need to. You can arrive and leave the event whenever you want. Stimming, tics, movements, and sounds are welcome throughout the main space. We have a room for people who need to make a lot of noise without worrying about distracting other participants.This space will be clearly signposted at the event. You can also ask the support staff to show you the way to it. It is marked on the PDF map of the event space as "Stim space for noise-making". You can see it at the bottom of the map, just under the Atrium main event space.

Trans and Non-binary participants

We welcome all genders at Devoted & Disgruntled events. Stickers for preferred pronouns will be available on the way in. All toilets will be gender neutral, signposted according to what facilities are inside, rather than designating a gender.


Children are welcome at D&D 13. We don’t provide childcare but we do provide a play space. We are also open to facilitating a network if parents wish to club together to provide a group childcare solution themselves, and would not charge entry for a paid childminder organised by parents. Email or call us if you’d like to discuss this.

Financial Access

Devoted & Disgruntled events are run on a non-profit basis, and we charge the minimum possible price to cover the costs of running the event. Tickets for D&D 13 are £20 full price and £10 concession. We sell concession tickets on trust, as many arts practitioners earn below the living wage but often fall outside of state welfare. Please purchase whichever ticket you can best afford. If the concession ticket is still an obstacle to your attendance, contact us to arrange a Pay-What-You-Can, or free entry in return for volunteer duties at the event.

This year there is extra support for BAMER participants, thanks to New Diorama Theatre, who have bought 150 tickets from us to give away. We also have a bursary for teenagers to attend, thanks to the generous action of participants at D&D 12. See the main event page for details of how to apply for these offers.