Should Artists Work For Free Whilst Bureaucrats are paid?

Andy Burden, 30 June 2012

Bureaucrat not meant to be a negative term, but reflects full-time employees in organisational and roles

Agreed that artists are being paid less and there is an expectation to do some work for free

Is there another model?

Should there be a move to increased fairness in pay?

Are artists working to pursue a dream? For future financial reward? Is it to develop CV

Artists should assess this risk, decide when to stop

But does the Theatre industry increasingly expect artists to work for less or for free?

Artists hours have decreased at some venues. Other venues have included free work in their artists hours (Scratch nights etc)

Did lottery funding support systems where artists are paid less?

Or were project grants that proceeded the same?

Arts Council is best when it responds to need, not interfering with organisational models

Some double funding occurs - where a funded company works in a funded venue

Should it be decided to fund venues or artists

Its actually about equal pay across the sector, not bureacrats vs artists

It is important that organisatiosn do not expect artists to work for free

Is the current model of working for free to set up work sustainable?

Are we losing fabulous artists from the sector as a result? Will this create a downward spiral?

It is about permenant staff vs freelance

Do we undervalue ourselves?

It is difficult when work side by side when some are paid and others aren't

If there was anything else please add !


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