Jorge Lopes Ramos, 25 January 2015

Is there a need for a POST-IMMERSIVE MANIFESTO?

'Immersive' is one of the most overused terms to describe theatre productions today

that aim to involve audiences in unconventional ways. But it doesn't stop there. With

the mainstream success of specific ‘immersive’ productions, this trend goes beyond

the theatre and arts industry. From games distributors to Westfield shopping centres,

just about every organization seems to be discussing how ‘immersive’ events can give

their product an edgier public profile or increase sales.

The need for a post-immersive manifesto comes from an assumption that the use of

the term immersive is not helpful. And, in many ways, the use of the word ‘immersive’

to describe theatre productions can often be detrimental to the contract of expectation

set up with audience members.

Topics covered in today's discussion (in no particular order):

1. Audience to Audience relationships: Individualized immersion vs immersion which

develops temporary communities;

2. The experience of being a collective in the same space at the same time.

3. Why does a theatre production needs to be immersive?

4. Moving on from (or with) Immersive practice

5. POST-DIGITAL: meaningful interactions between players/audiences in physical

space (the human scale).

6. POST-VIRAL: Sustainable speed of growth


1. We will not use the word ‘immersive’ to describe our work.

2. (to be continued…)


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gillian Lawrence, 26 January 2015

oh my word. Just to comment I'm on a whirlygig, going around and around. Je suis immersed