3 July 2015

D&D: What Next For Your SO Festival?

Grand Central, Grand Parade, Skegness, PE25 2UG

10am - 6pm

Devoted & Disgruntled: What’s next for your SO Festival?

Do you want to play a part in SO Festival?

Do you have ideas, thoughts, opinions or views on the Festival you’d like to share?

Are there creative projects you think the Festival could support?

What do you think the Festival could do better?

What don’t we do enough of?

What should the Festival be aiming for in 3 years time?

What can we do to help you join in more?

SO Festival is an outdoor arts festival, taking place across East Lindsey, which has been running since 2009. It has grown from a 3-day event in Skegness  to an 11 day festival taking place across the whole district. We’re really excited that, from 2015-2018, SO Festival has been awarded National Portfolio Organisation funding from Arts Council England, which means that we are able to plan and develop the festival further over the next 3 years. In light of this, we are inviting you to take part in shaping the Festival with us.

We've worked previously with the local arts sector, community groups and voluntary organisations, offering various participation opportunities. Now we want to build on that and make sure as many people as possible feel that they have a stake in the festival: that it belongs to you, that it has a place in your community, and that the Festival reflects the breadth of talent that exists across not only East Lindsey, but Lincolnshire!

Whatever your ideas or challenges for us, we need your input to help us make SO Festival fit for the future. To enable this, we’re holding a one-day event using Open Space Technology, and facilitated by Improbable as part of their “Devoted & Disgruntled” programme. Open Space is a great way for groups to self-organise around shared issues. The agenda is set by you, the participants, who are free to call sessions on anything you like, join other peoples sessions, flit between them all or just have a chat over a coffee. If you want to be a part of building SO Festival’s future, come along to Grand Central on Friday 3 July 2015.

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