9 January 2015

The Invisible Army 2. How Do We Better Support Our Independent Producers?

Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne.


An Open Space event about independent producers and producing.

Proposed by Emily Coleman, Ruth Dudman and Lucy Moore on behalf of SOUPing*

Back in March 2013, we co-hosted “Devoted and Disgruntled: The Invisible Army” with indie producer Jo Hammett and Improbable at the Young Vic. There’s still more to say, so we’re bringing the discussion around Independent Producing to the North-East as Devoted and Disgruntled Allies.

It is brilliant that an increasing number of exceptional people are producing work independently –passionate people supporting an extraordinary number of artists whose work is reaching high numbers of audiences, across art forms and across the UK. And yet this growing army of hardworking individuals can still feel invisible. All too often independent producers are under valued and under paid with limited opportunities for professional development and support.

The Invisible Army event in 2013 was a great way to meet and start conversations. Almost two-years on (!) Invisible Army 2 is a chance to get together again, to continue talking, to reflect on what has happened since we last met; and to take stock of what’s going on today. We’re delighted that Invisible Army 2 will be part of the Producer Gathering hosted by The Empty Space and Dance City and look forward to seeing producers new and old from across the UK in Newcastle. Full information of the Producer Gathering can be found at


See you soon,

Emily Coleman, Ruth Dudman and Lucy Moore

Booking for this event has now closed.