15 February 2015

‘DIRECTORS TOGETHER’ What Do We Want SDUK To Do For Directors?

Jerwood Space, Union St, SE1 OLN



What do we want SDUK to do for directors?

Last autumn an extraordinary thing happened. A small group of theatre directors put out a call to 200 well known colleagues to join a new organization to be started on September 25th. One week after the launch Stage Directors UK had 600 members: now we have 0ver 900. Such is the level of hope that SDUK has aroused.

We knew that fees were a burning issue, so asked members to take part in a Fee Survey. After months of work we produced a hard hitting Report on Stage Directors Earnings that has been widely praised. (*See below) Next, on April 1st, we will transform ourselves into a self-funding subs-based organization, in preparation for an all out campaign on fees and royalties in 2015.

But are these the only issues? What about the art, the craft, the aesthetic and moral issues? And what should SDUK be doing in three years time?

There are challenging questions, such as…

Is directors’ training adequate?

Should writers share their royalties on devised shows?

Can Artistic Directors support SDUK fee claims?

How will SDUK serve directors in the regions?

Does the future of the theatre and opera lie in digital transmission?

But you will have your own. What is your personal vision for the future of Stage Directors UK? Where do you feel we should be heading? We want your input now, before we go any further.

Hence this Open Space Forum, which will be facilitated by SDUK Board member and Artistic Director of Improbable, Phelim McDermott.

Open Space, as some will know, is an open-ended set-up that enables a group to use its collective imagination to deal with complex issues rapidly. Every issue of importance will be discussed and noted – so long as members take responsibility for raising it.

#directorstogether is SDUK’s Twitter hashtag.

Why not join us on Sunday 15th February, and help us to shape what it means?

Piers Haggard

Chair, SDUK

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