19 November 2014

Devoted & Disgruntled: Artists Against Admin

Studio 3, Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London, E1 6AB


An Invitation from artist Wendy Houstoun:

We the undersigned believe in the power of action. We believe in the present not the future. We believe that constantly thinking about the future changes the nature of our present action and will no longer deal in future tenses.

We will delete all requests for plans, plots and deals.

We will filter out all demands for a bureaucratically filled package of work.

We resist all contractual contras and petty form filling.

We abhor the mission statement and the tag line.

We dismiss all notions of quantification.

We hereby declare and restate our intent on action and action only.

From this moment our only intention is : to think about and make work.

We demand honest conversations, quick decisions,economical organisation and cheap publicity.

We demand simple applications, straightforward dialogue and templates for all.

We demand fast payment for work and transparency for fees.

We demand a streamlined system.

We demand spontaneity and life.

No to target audiences.

No to contractual contras.

No to slow responses from promoters.

No to idiotic emails.

No to the proliferation of management and marketing.

No to admin




Does the above make you

a) Excited?

b) Angry

c) Too busy doing admin to care?

d) Wish AAA stood for Anyone Against Admin, not just artists?

e) Think wishing for less admin is a pipe-dream, or even a nightmare?

f) None of the above but something else entirely.

Join us at Toynbee Studios on November 19th, 7-10:30 to share ideas, solve problems, vent spleen and fight your cause.

All are welcome from big and small- Institutions and Independents- Artists and Admins- Little and Large- Stupid and Wise – Marxists and Spenders- NPO’s and UFO’s..

Booking for this event has now closed.