29 - 31 January 2011

Devoted And Disgruntled 6: Singing In The Dark Times: What Are We Going To Do About Theatre And The Performing Arts Now?

York Hall, Bethnal Green, London

Do you love theatre?

Do you find it frustrating?

Do you wish it were different?

Are you looking to change things?

Devoted & Disgruntled 6

Singing in the Dark times:

What are we going to do about theatre and the performing arts now?

This invitation is addressed to...

The company that has lost its funding.

The company that hasn't.

The experienced practitioner who has been through this before.

The producer who thinks it's time to jack it in.

The artist who has only just begun.

The student who has had to increase their loan.

The person who has been to D&D before and never came back.

The person who is angry about the cuts.

The person who welcomes the cuts.

The person who has never come because it sounds "cliquey."

We need you. We really need you at this event.


In the whole history of our annual Open Space event "Devoted & Disgruntled" there has never seemed a more urgent & pressing need for this invitation to go out.

The Arts this year have experienced an unprecedented challenge in the form of the funding cuts, which have happened in the last month, at both a national and regional level. It has all seemed so shocking and yet many of us are of course not surprised. 

The fallout from this situation is potentially incredibly dangerous. It may not only lead to the obvious loss of artistic work but just as important to the loss of livelihoods, hope and energy for people new and old to the performance world. There is a possibility, as the story unravels, of us experiencing a sector that is divided and in conflict with itself: The dragons of Isolation, Separation and Depression rear their ugly heads! At this time it is essential that we engage with each other in order to be increasingly imaginative, creative and supportive of our peers and fellow artists, producers, programmers, technicians, agents, teachers, and all the people who work within and without institutions and structure in the funded and commercial performance sector. Let's help write our own new story of how we deal with the situation and are not divided by the challenges we face. We must look after our work and our souls as well.

So whatever your response to the situation come to Devoted and Disgruntled VI. Use this opportunity in Open Space to talk about what angers you, get inspired about what you are passionate about, but most of all: Come and take action.

Phelim McDermott

Co-Artistic Director, Improbable

In the dark times

Will there also be singing?

Yes, there will also be singing.

About the dark times.

— Bertolt Brecht

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