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An Invitation from Felix Barrett and Peter Higgin:

This Summer, Punchdrunk will be celebrating two years of Fallow Cross, our specially-created Village space in Tottenham Hale that has been home to the company’s Enrichment programme, Research and Development work and Talent Development workshops over the last two years.

We're taking some time to take a look at the immersive theatre landscape and want to know how artists, producers and makers can make challenging and groundbreaking theatre that is accessible and safe. Is it even possible to be creatively bold and safe? Or does the anxiety of being safe stifle creative innovation? At what point as immersive theatremakers do we introduce safety into the creative process? Do immersive theatre makers have to coddle their audiences? Who decides what's safe in the world of immersive theatre?

This event is wheelchair-accessible with parking available on request. 2 BSL interpreters will be present. Neurodivergent participants are welcome. If you require any other support to access this event, please let us know by phoning 020 7240 4556 or emailing [email protected].

Booking for this event has now closed.