9 April 2016

D&D: What Can We All Do To Create A Thriving Culture For Exeter?

Exeter Corn Exchange, Market Street, Exeter, EX1 1BW

10:30 - 4:00

An invitation from David Lockwood, Director of Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter:

I left Exeter ten years ago and expected never to return. There wasn’t much going on that I could get involved with as a newly trained actor, the big theatre on the hill not replying to my letters (with moody headshot).

It took me three years to realise I could do things myself. Or more accurately, work with talented people to achieve things. Since 2010, Exeter has become my home and my playground. It has supported the things I’ve tried to achieve and, whilst I suspect the Northcott would understandably still be perplexed by the earnest stare on my CV, it feels there is a spirit of possibility and collaboration in the city that was less apparent all those years ago.

It is this spirit that gives me the confidence to have a go at making the Boat Shed a reality, turning a beautiful but crumbling building into a home for creativity. It is this spirit that sees an invigorated cultural partnership spring into life to galvanise the sector. And it is this spirit that makes me certain that there are many fantastic ideas lurking in people’s minds, some ready for sharing, others needing support to realise them.

This is why I’ve invited the brilliant Improbable to hold a “Devoted & Disgruntled” Open Space. It’s an opportunity for those with an idea, or a question, or a challenge, to join similarly curious people and have a go at turning thoughts into reality. Open Space is a great way to share a thought in a safe environment, to get something off your chest, to listen and be provoked.

For me, Open Space events provide the place for unexpected encounters and new ways of thinking.

For the Boat Shed, and for Exeter’s cultural community more widely, it’s a great chance for you, for us, to make things happen.

I hope you can make it. It’d be lovely to see you.

Booking for this event has now closed.