5 March 2016 3-6pm

D&D Vault Fest: How Can We All Work Together To Save Vault


The Vaults Leake Street, South Bank, London SE1 7NN


An invitation from Tim Wilson & Rosalyn Newbery, VAULT Festival director and

Surge producer:

Hi there, VAULT Festival here,

Our final weekend approaches and the Festival’s future hangs precariously in the

balance, we want to invite YOU, our visitors, contributors, artist and audiences to the

last in our Devoted & Disgruntled series, to discover, discuss and design how

VAULT works and doesn't work, what makes it tick and how it could explode into

2017 and beyond.

But firstly – here’s where we’re at... A public story of success, with forty thousand

attendees predicted this year, contrasted with a private story on a knife edge, and a

core team exhausted to their bones of working for not very much money and trying to

imagine a way to make the festival more sustainable, and at the same time better for

artists and audiences. How would we justify closing our doors on March 6th, never to

open again?

But what do YOU think?

What value does VAULT hold for you?

What work did VAULT fail to program?

Were we right to break the Israeli Cultural and Academic Boycott?

Why would London need one big festival anyway?

Why would a private company running a festival deserve public funding anyway?

What the hell are three white middle class men doing running a festival in Central


Was it diverse enough in content, or in audience?

What would YOU do with VAULT?

What can VAULT do for you?

Let’s Hack VAULT together – please come and join us to meet, discuss, rant,

construct. All voices, opinions, ideas and dreams are welcome.

Hope to see you there!

Booking for this event has now closed.