This event is now booked to maximum capacity. Please check back on Saturday morning as we will release more spaces if we have last minute cancellations. 

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An invitation from the Arts Network Sutton committee:

We want Sutton to be a great place to live, work, and play. We remain committed to the arts and all that they bring to the Borough in terms of community development and cohesion. We do have some great examples of grassroots initiatives in the Borough – Carshalton Artists Open Studios, Wallington Music Festival, Sutton South Hello to name but a few – but how can we support more arts events? And how can we ensure that these initiatives continue to thrive?

We had two theatres, currently we have none. Whilst The Secombe has gone, we’re campaigning to keep The Cryer as an arts based building that will benefit the community as a whole. We’ve also lost the borough’s Arts Officer. The leadership of ANS is small volunteer team, and can only can do so much to plug the gap in local provision. It is a challenging situation for all of us, whether the arts are our profession or our hobby. How do we all keep our passion burning strong when everything feels like an uphill struggle? 

Do you have some projects or ideas that you could suggest? 

Can you identify any particularly tricky or specific elements you think needs attention? 

Is there some way we can all come together to protect The Cryer? 

What spaces do you know about that might become a new hub or artist studios? 

How can we engage the wider community in valuing local arts? 

How can we have a better conversation with the council and local businesses? 

How do we engage developers in Sutton in building communities not just apartments? 

What skills and experts are out there, waiting to be tapped? 

What more could you do?

To put the heart back into our arts scene, we need to hear from all of you. Whether you’re artists, community practitioners, charities, hobbyists, local businesses, neighbours from nearby boroughs, scientists, or arts aficionados, you are welcome at this Open Space event, where YOU set the agenda and every voice gets heard. Let’s work together to find practical solutions, and share our visions of what great Sutton arts scene might look like.

We look forward to meeting you there!

Adrienne Roberts
Alan Fitter
Brendan Murphy
Brian Turner
Caterina Loriggio
James Davies
Jasmine Wilson
Richard Moore

This event is fully wheelchair-accessible, with a wheelchair-accessible toilet. There are two Blue Badge parking spaces at the venue.

We welcome disabled, Deaf, blind, partially-sighted and neurodivergent participants at all D&D events. If you require any additional support to access this event, such as BSL interpretation, please let us know when you book your place and we will do our best to provide it. You can find out more about access provision at our events here. 

Under-16s are welcome if attending with a parent or carer.

Why the change from the Sutton Life Centre? It’s all in the timing. This D&D falls during the pre-election period or 'purdah.’ During this time, the council cannot allow its resources (including council-owned buildings like the Sutton Life Centre) to be used for meetings or publicity around potential campaign issues (including what we’re going to do to put the heart back into the arts in our borough).

PS - don’t forget to vote in the council elections on 3 May!

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