An invitation from Suzanne Lee, Artistic Director, All Change:

Having worked since 1991 with All Change – an arts organisation which has been bringing artists and communities together for over 30 years – I have seen how effective partnership working and collaboration can lead to original and innovative arts projects, which transform lives and make a real difference to communities – and to the artists and organisations involved too. When the balance is right, everyone can feel able explore and articulate their ideas, try new things, take risks and exceed expectations. We can create high quality, powerful arts experiences, which support people to think differently and to instigate change in their lives, making extraordinary work which promotes understanding between communities.  

Collaboration and partnership working are at the heart of socially engaged arts practice – between artists and communities, but also often between organisations and professionals working across different sectors – including arts, education, health, community engagement and more - bringing different experiences, expectations and expertise to the table. When combined effectively and generously this sharing of resources, skills and knowledge can have profound impact and produce rich outcomes for everyone.

But partnerships and collaborations can be complex; understanding and balancing the different needs and priorities of participating individuals and organisations is challenging. Understanding where we fit in, and feeling that we are listened to and valued in any collaboration is really important. The arts and creative workshop processes encourage us to see things from different perspectives and through the eyes and experiences of others – but do we always apply the same process when we develop our partnerships and collaborations? Do participants feel listened to by organisers? Are we really making the projects that people need or want?

One of the most wonderful things about working with communities and partners is what we can learn and discover - and how our minds can be changed. Participants and partners may all have unexpected and often amazing skills and insights to offer. We may just miss an extraordinary lesson or opportunity if we don’t make space to hear and notice. This event is one opportunity to do just that. If you care about making art for and with communities, if you’re a participant in community arts projects, if you think they are a waste of time or don’t know how to be a partner, if you’ve got a great idea or had a terrible experience, come to this event and let’s figure out how to work together better. You set the agenda, every voice gets heard and nothing is censored.

I look forward to meeting you there.


This venue is wheelchair-accessible with wheelchair-accessible toilets. More location info can be found here. If you require any other support to access the event such as BSL interpreters, please contact [email protected] or call 020 7240 4556. More details about access at our events can be found here.

Booking for this event has now closed.