We are now fed up with ignoring our own community, and fed up with feeling like it is 'too difficult' to make work happen here, so this year, we've decided that we want to find ways to better serve the artistic community and audiences in Croydon. But we cannot possibly do that without your voice. So we are inviting you to this free event where everyone’s voice gets heard.


Croydon's landscape is going through a period of rapid change. There are fears that this could push Croydon's own community aside in pursuit of new corporate opportunities and investment. Development is great, it puts Croydon on the map, but if the town becomes gentrified and in doing so forgets its own local community, then its vibrant creative community will also fail. 


We don't want that to happen, and feel that amongst this change, a big conversation needs to happen surrounding Croydon's creative output for artists and audiences. We want to make sure that as Croydon grows, it remains a diverse, creative, welcoming, accessible and exciting hub for artists, creatives and vitally, local audiences. 


Do you have something to say about the arts in Croydon? Do you think Croydon's current creative offer is great/ rubbish, growing/ failing, boring/ exciting... all, none or some of the above? Do you have a project you want to get off the ground in Croydon? Are you an arts organisation looking to meet the perfect venue? An actor seeking out a sense of community? A writer looking for companies to put on your work? A visual artist looking for a gallery in Croydon? A business owner interested in championing local artists? A creative tech company with scope to collaborate with arts based projects? Somebody who would like to see more of what they like presented in Croydon, rather than having to travel further into London to find exciting arts experiences?  


Then come to this Devoted & Disgruntled Open Space event. This is a place to voice concerns, have a rant, discuss challenges, seek new connections, create community, increase communication between organisations, share your experiences (or lack thereof), listen to and witness the conversation, and have your voice heard about how Croydon's cultural landscape should look over the next 5 years - starting from now.  You set the agenda.


Together, we can influence Croydon's creative landscape at this crucial stage in our fantastic town's development. 


See you there


Booking for this event has now closed.