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An invitation from Ruth Moore, Producer at Cambridge Junction and Hannah Tookey, Independent Producer:

On the final day of D&D14 in January, Ruth called a session looking at women’s experiences in theatre and the performing arts.  A small group of us talked about the challenges facing women in the arts and how difficult it can be, and the everyday frustrations and issues we all experienced. We really felt that there was more work to do, with more people doing it. Since Open Space says “when it’s not over, it’s not over”, we’re excited to invite you to this Devoted and Disgruntled event to carry on that conversation, and start some new ones..

Whether we feel and are represented equally, how seriously we are taken, whether we’re listened to by male creatives on an equal footing, impacts so much of our day-to-day lives, our confidence in our work, how proudly we speak about our achievements* and what opportunities we push ourselves for and get. With endemic issues like male colleagues not hearing or crediting female colleagues, and infantilising or patronising attitudes to (younger) women still rife and hard to challenge, what needs to change to achieve proper representation and fulfilled potential for all of the awesome women in the arts? And how do we ensure that this change adequately works for the wide variety of awesome women in the arts, from different class and ethnic backgrounds, disabled or LGBTQ+ identities?

What’s been your experience, from anywhere on the gender spectrum? Do you have ideas of what to do about the problems? What projects are already out there to elevate awesome women? Whatever your gender, whether you’re an arts leader or just starting out, whether you are an unheard woman or a man who wants to work on listening, whatever your issues, ideas, dreams or challenges, come do some work with us at Cambridge Junction about how we can make the arts a better industry for all of the Awesome Women out there.

*(usually whilst making sure people know it wasn’t just us!)

This event is free to attend but you do need to book a ticket in advance.

This event is fully wheelchair-accessible. Sign Language Interpretation is available on request. We welcome neurodivergent folks at all our events. Contact us for any access requests at [email protected] or call 020 7240 4556. For more information about access at Cambridge Junction, please visit their accesss info page here.

Booking for this event has now closed.