An invitation from Brexit Stage Left Festival

The European work we currently see in the UK is only a small selection of the work that is happening across Europe. Post-Brexit, there may be even fewer opportunities to see European plays and other forms of European work on UK stages. In the face of the current rise of intolerance across Europe, it is absolutely vital that international work, which promotes the understanding of and empathy with people from different backgrounds, continues to be produced on British stages.

 This open space will provide a forum in which people can think, talk and take action in response to the question of how we keep European work alive on British stages post-Brexit. Supported by a facilitator, participants will self-organise to create their own agenda on the day, allowing a dynamic and immediate response to the issue at hand. The process will allow free-flowing conversations about the things that really matter to the people in the room.

This event is open to anyone, whatever their background, who is interested in helping us thrash out some of the questions we need to address in relation to our theatrical relationship with Europe post-Brexit.

This is a D&D Ally event run and organised by Widsith and hosted by The Yard. Please contact organisers for access and other details. More information is here:

Booking for this event has now closed.