You are invited to attend Improbable's 17th annual unconventional convention for the theatre and performing arts community.


Invitation from Phelim McDermott, Co-Artistic Director of Improbable

"I don’t know about you but I feel lost. 
Theatre - to be or not to be. That’s the question.
Many of us have lost work. 
Many of us have lost loved ones. 
Lost confidence.
Lost faith. 
Many of us are leaving the arts. I feel worn down by the strangeness, instability and vulnerability of this time.
I am tired of online meetings, of social media, emails. None of it feels like the real work, which made me fall in love with theatre in the first place.
And yet…..
When everything first shut down in the UK in March 2020 Improbable decided not to put our theatre work online but instead to find out how to Open Space online, how to bring the atmosphere of an authentic conversation, a real exchange, a great tea break, to our zoom rooms. 
And we did. 
Last year, for the first time ever, we held our annual Devoted and Disgruntled event online and it was extraordinary. 
People came who had never been able to attend before. People came from across the world. 
People came who had been isolated in their homes and they said it felt like the first time they had been out since lockdown started. 
It was astonishing how the event, online, managed to have so much of the same atmosphere and provide so much of the same vital support and connection as our in person Open Spaces. 
And, actually, I believe, this is down to the same thing that powers theatre - our power to imagine, and to feel the space between us, to fill it with possibility, with story, even when we are sat far apart. 
So, despite everything, I still choose to be in theatre. 
How about you?
To be? Or not to be? 
Or perhaps you do not have a choice. Perhaps what hurts most right now, is that you feel forced to leave, or to struggle on in a way that is not in line with what you want. 
Come and be here, with us, online and yet still In Real Life, in real time, with real life stories to share. Come and connect again to what makes you want to be in the performing arts. Still, despite everything. Or come and share what makes it hard for you to be here now. Or why you cannot stay. 
All are welcome. 
The elders. 
The youngsters - and that means the children too. 
The hopeful. 
The despairing.
The certain.
The unsure.
The Hamlets.
Even the ghosts can come."

Invitation from Toni-Dee Paul, D&D Online 2022 Wellbeing Officer

"My pronouns are she/her or they/them and I am the access and wellbeing officer for Improbable’s 2022 Devoted and Disgruntled. This year’s event, which is being hosted online for the second year – is running from Saturday March 19th to Monday March 21st and is a space for anyone working in theatre, to talk about what feels important to them. There are no requirements for which sessions you attend, when you leave, or who can speak.

At time where things feel more precarious than ever, more tender than ever, and more frustrating than ever, in a cultural climate that is pushing most of us to move at a pace that doesn’t work for any of us, this year’s D&D is an opportunity to pause, exhale and reflect.

Improbable is committed to making D&D accessible in as many ways as possible, with a full spectrum of needs considered. This event is BSL interpreted, there is a clear timetable of events and running times, captioning available and everyone is welcome to show up the way they are. That might be stimming, or with a baby in arms, or with the opportunity to sit, camera off, and listen. D&D is Pay-What-You-Choose: that means if you have low or no income, you’re not prohibited from taking part. Your voice is welcome and wanted here. All the details about the kinds of access support Improbable provide are on the access page of the website – but if you have any questions, you can email [email protected]. My role in this space is to be of support. Maybe you have felt overwhelmed by a space or discussion, or maybe you need an access adjustment and you’re not quite sure how to have it accommodated. That's what I'm here for. I'm going to be available by call, message, or video call throughout the three-day event to provide support – if you should so need it.

I hope, whether you can join us for 2 hours or 2 days, that the opportunity to have a point of exchange, dialogue, and consideration aids you in taking away some small solutions.