Devoted & Disgruntled (D&D) Online 2022 is coming up on 19-21 March 2022 so we thought this would be a great time to ask some of our friends what they love about D&D.

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Stella Duffy

Writer & Theatremaker


"What has mattered to me at D&D: the old friends and new passions, the work towards genuine inclusion, getting better at listening and learning, the trust from others, the trust in the form, those moments of deep silence before the first sessions are called, the exhausted and important conversations in the pub - including for we non-drinkers, looking in and being quiet, speaking up and taking space.

What I’ve grown from D&D: Fun Palaces; the Chaosbaby project and community; my commitment to and passion for Open Space; my gratitude to Harrison Owen, Improbable and Phelim McDermott for sharing the possibility."

Ben Yeoh

Writer & Pension Fund Manager | Former Chair: Coney, Talawa Theatre


"I love D&D because I meet other creative people who want to build a better future. The format means the ideas are generated by the people in the room and I know collaborations and relationships form that last long after D&D has ended.

For me, I’ve used the process underlying D&D (Open Space) to catalyse conversations over sustainability and long-termism which have been valuable. I’ve also had ideas, formed friendships and had space to learn new thoughts and be constructively challenged around my own thinking. It’s the unofficial UK theatre conference of the year, and it’s one of my favourite all time meet-ups."

Chloe Mashiter

Associate of Coney | Freelance Game- & Theatre-Maker


"Right now, I’m working on an incredible project, with phenomenal collaborators, and the reason - ultimately - is a conversation I had in the bar at Battersea Arts Centre, in 2020, during the D&D weekend, with someone I’d just met there. There’s a number of brilliant things - gigs, collaborations, friendships - that I can trace back to meeting someone at one of the annual D&D weekends. I don’t know if there’s anywhere else where you can so directly put out who you are, what you’re about and what you want to do, and find likeminded people.

There’s a lot to be said for how well Open Space - the means that Improbable use to structure and run D&D - strips away all of the ‘stuff’ that so often gets in the way of having the conversations that you need, finding the people you’re looking for, and happening upon the moments that excite you. Especially now, when so much feels fragile, tentative, difficult and remote, I’m looking forward to D&D as a place that is so brilliant at fostering connections - the kind that so often blossom out into wonderful things."

Dan O'Connor

Founder of Impro Theatre


"Hi Friends! I am going to attempt to take part in this D&D conversation and am inviting you to join in as well. It is a wonderful opportunity for theatre makers across the planet to share ideas about how to move forward after the last two years. For me it is not only a chance to hear what people are thinking but also to connect about new ways to change and grow! 

How have you survived?

What did you learn?

What does sustainability in theatre look like?


What Comes Next?

For me I want find new ways to engage with other artists and also how to stay engaged with my own work. How to share and be more inclusive and accessible. I want to hear how people are creatively moving forward!  A quick heads up for my compatriots in the US these times GMT in the UK so you may need coffee as an engagement tool!   This is the 17th Devoted and Disgruntled, Improbable has hosted. If you are at all curious I recommend taking advantage of it being online and sign up to get in the conversation."

Jessi Parrott

Freelance Performer, Playwright and and Academic | Data and Research Manager at Inc Arts UK


"I have loved D&D since I first attended. I was very nervous, since I am a wheelchair user and had been unable to organise a support worker to be with me on the day. I was so nervous that I nearly cancelled my ticket. However, something stopped me from doing that – and when I arrived I was incredibly glad.

It turned out that the access provision was very impressive, and the team were incredibly welcoming and supportive. That meant I was able to engage in discussions about artforms and industries that I love with fellow practitioners on an equitable level without feeling that my access requirements were an issue that made the experience awkward for others.

This was such a rarity – as it still is, even now as I write this in 2022 – that I found myself getting weepy with gratitude in the Closing Circle on the last day. That feeling has carried over into every year I’ve attended since, and it’s a joy not to feel anxious about access, whether I have a support worker with me or not."

Patrick Handley

Partner at Brunswick Group


"D&D is an extraordinarily stimulating event, allowing one to drop into conversations on favourite topics, or new territory, with experts and original thinkers.  It can be a bit scary, especially if you convene a discussion.  In 2020, I convened on “seeking private funding” and found myself facing 30 people, all with great creative ideas deserving funding.  I was daunted, but it was a terrific discussion. 

It also let me make friends with the amazing creative producer and fund raiser Julia Mucko. I guarantee you will leave D&D with a book of new contacts and your energy for theatre renewed."


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