Your Views on Facebook...

MARIE COLLINS, 11 July 2012


Jonny, Jenny, Christopher, Luke, Stan, Shelly, Callum, Leyla

Questions to consider:

How do we each use facebook for both personal/professional use?

How does it compare to Twitter?

Can it be used to widen audiences for performance or is it a form of online mailing list to current audiences?

Points made:

A useful device to connect people, to engage audiences and to raise awareness of upcoming performances.

Confusion over image. Is the persona you appear online your actual self? Do you have to alter it accordingly for professional use and for family etc?

Goes against the natural loss of contact we have with acquaintances. Everyone you have ever known is logged as a ‘friend.’

Twitter and Facebook are both reductive sources. To ‘like’ something' or to reduce your message to 140characters is a reductive task and does not allow for mental growth or stimulation.

In a personal usage, does facebook breed bitterness as we compare ourselves to fellow ‘friends’?

GIFT festival received more followers and 100s more ‘likes’ after posting photos form the festival - a positive outcome.

Maybe we need to think outside the box for increasing audience figures and raising awareness of performance. For instance, creating online character profiles who post in the context of the piece? Or are we then fueling the false persona that appears so much online?

Questions to ask in the future?

Can we harness facebook's popularity for increasing audience figures in contemporary performance?

How much can we be allowed to be ‘ourselves’ online?

Would we still keep in contact if facebook wasn't around? As a Facebook deleter myself, I can answer this question with a resounding YES.


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