The workshop began with Frank talking about his work and how 'You be Me' came about. We then explored that idea practically in the space. Folk moved around saying good morning to each other, then at some point a person says to someone else chosen at random, 'You Be Me' was all quite verbal however the practise became more and more interesting . At one point I asked those who were not part of the pair to form up behind each person and become like a Greek chorus, highlighting words, sounds, speaking the unspoken. It became like a support for each person. MR took on the role of a person with dementia and then for me it got really interesting...the presence of sounds, non-verbal communication and the importance of 'not knowing' and 'yes, and', came to the fore. I had been inspired by Patrick Short's improvised song workshop the day before and his presence in the workshop supported my vocal explorations during my own experience of 'You Be Me'. MR spoke about her personal experience of the condition and about her improvisational tool kit that she described carrying around wherever she went. I reflected on the need for carers here in UK and across the world having access to a similar one to help them to stay present and in the moment, playful, responsive and open to their loved ones, however difficult it may seem --- journeying with them wherever they need to go.

At some point it felt safe for a participant to explore what had happened to them when they were very young in action and by way of You Be Me that was traumatic and difficult for them. The Chorus format helped in the facilitation of this process. Others made the link following this to the importance of Forum Theatre and psychodrama work. Someone else following the session and in feedback afterwards spoke to me of the importance of safety and containment in the group.

I had an agenda which was about the possible use of improvisation with carers of people with dementia and its importance.I learnt about the importance of letting go of this or any other agenda when things happen in real time that require a deep attention to what is happening that cannot be thought out but have to be felt and responded to as best I can. The energy, commitment, passion and intellectual and affective understanding brought to the space by participants was quite extraordinary. I must thank Frank for opening to the possibility of our collaboration, it was great working with you all who came - you know who you are. I am so grateful for the feedback I have received and am taking what I have learnt and the connections made into future conversations and explorations that open up the territory even more for me. This was one of those unforgettable experiences for me. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAME.