Convener(s): Jen Lunn 

Participants: Valeria Tello Gisti, Ian Pugh, Mary O’Connor, Ned Lunn, Jonathan Bidgood, Eliis Kerkhoven, Tom Ross-Williams


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

We had a couple of thumb wars with people who couldn’t do a full wrestle for reasons of scabbed knees or hungoverness.

Then we had a few full wrestles, some Indian wrestling and some low impact crouched wrestling (Jonathan does this have a name?) 

Then some body contact work led to some lying on the floor – which, in turn, led into a conversation about touch.

We talked a bit about not being allowed to touch children in schools. Several of us spoke about a commitment to finding safe acceptable ways to have physical contact with kids if it is okay with them as we talked about how without physical contact we die.

It was said that as humans we need 7 meaningful points of physical contact a day to feel okay. And it was noted that in London and the UK this was rare. Valeria shared that in Peru, there is a culture of physical contact and that she misses that in the UK.