Would anyone like to come on our radio programme? Help fund it?

richard huw morgan, 16 September 2012

AKA a blatant plug for ‘Pitch’, an hour-long weekly arts and culture, for Cardiff and beyond, on Radio Cardiff.

Purpose - to give people involved in the arts in Cardiff, be they resident there, passing through or visiting, an opportunity to talk about their passions, interests, ambitions etc.

Another purpose - to ‘normalise’ the arts as a subject of media attention (think about representation in comparison to sport, television, motoring etc) - To allow arts workers to set their own media agenda rather than respond to media institutions.

Another purpose - to provide English language audiences in Wales with an additional 60 minutes dedicated arts radio programming per week (on top of the 30 mins from Radio Wales)

Another purpose - to act as subliminal propaganda for the arts - people tend to leave the radio switched on and tune themselves in and out if something attracts their attention. Different from TV, print or web media which involves more proactive engagement (the Archers is playing in the background now as i am otherwise engaged and cannot reach the dial)

Another purpose - to provide a ‘window on the arts in Cardiff’ to a world-wide audience

(via live internet streaming and archiving at www.culturecolony.com) for indigenous activity and for visiting artists/companies to show we care/value their coming (and provide them with useful publicity to show their funders back home).

Another purpose - to provide those working in the arts with media experience. You never know when the media might suddenly take an interest in you and put you on the back-foot - a gentle introduction to a studio, on your terms, might give you the confidence you need to respond positively, and to your advantage, in such circumstances.

There are other purposes, but i think that's enough for now.

Outcome - Six future guests signed up for the programme - from designer to author, director to dancer. Please feel free to post if you would like to volunteer yourself.

No advance made in funding. This must be addressed if the programme is to continue.

Pitch returns on Radio Cardiff 98.7fm very shortly, time and date to be announced. The 51 archived programmes from the first series are at www.culturecolony.com.




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