An idea to create a performance using improvisation, working with the subject colonisation. Brining together young people from Kenya Nairobi and the UK London (two vibrant capitals)

Jenny from Newcastle who work with curious monkey have had previous experience producing and creating a performance with women from South Africa that came to perform in The UK.
and Isaac who work performing and giving workshops in African Art in Hull.

An idea that came to our mind; to combine the making off a performance and performing with a workshop program that can be offered to schools filling the criteria or global citizenship education or peace education.

and to look for festival that might be interested like the freedom festival in Hull, Black history month in Southwark, Womad...

Where can you apply for money: Arts Council
British Council

Winston Churchill travelling schoolarship (for english people travelling abroad)

and as a small independent company we also thought of connecting up with bigger organisations in the UK and Kenya that are used to the paperwork of bringing people over from other continents.

A lot was said few notes was taken. But the project has started.

Thanks for joining me Jenny and Isaac


circus, global citizenship education, peace education, africa, collaborating