Why is there so little recognition of theatre made outside London and the major cities? 

Convener(s): Gill Hambleton

Participants: Fiona Watt; Simon Bedlow; Adam Bennett; Mandy Jarvis; Charlotte B ?; Zoe Pickering; Ieuan Brioc.

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Symptomatic of societal division

Kneehigh an exception

Keeping on top of what’s going on in theatre

Recognition for actors writers directors for other jobs

National press profile necessary for getting other work

Doing it for audiences

Acclaim – deserved – to know you exist

Good for theatre industry to recognise what’s going on in world of theatre.

Audience blogs (national press)

Size of venue one night stands preventing national reviews

Bringing work to London to get a review or Edinburgh expensive.

Work should be valued equally be it for children; puppetry; rural village hall touring or the National Theatre and depend on the quality of the art.

Touring schemes denying audiences challenging/different work

Advantages of moving out of London

Mid scale work press profile essential

Regional theatre making theatre in London and parachuting it back to the regions without any connection within the community.