Shakespeare is relevant today because his language is different to most other pieces of writing and he uses different techniques, and the people he worked with are different. For example he only worked with male actors. His words have hidden techniques and he has influenced over time. He has some of the best plays ever amongst his work. There’s love and hate in his stories, they are universal. His own personal history is important, and his childhood, how he was brought up and received a very good education. He has a good commandment in his language, and how he speaks. Most of the time he invests words and phrases that we still use today. You can also approach it from an essay point of view and ask – when was he born, when did he die. How he expresses the feeling in his words, different words mean different things. It is also said that he was in favour with the Queen and he took most of his ideas for his plays from other people. Some people think that modern books that was written yesterday, is more interesting than those written 400 years ago. But actually I think there’s more we can learn from his plays. More schools should include Shakespeare, though it’s very hard to get laughs from his comedy. Potentially “there’s no one Shakespeare”, as other people might have written his plays. There’s a agreement/disagreement about comedy, tragedy and romance.