Why is Edinburgh not impossible?

Convener(s): Laura Eades

Participants: Amanda Kellelen and Jennifer Lunn

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Amanda: difficulties of taking a show with disabled people to Edinburgh.

The dream of a disabled performer doing a totally mainstream one-person show in a really established venue in Edinburgh is one I hope to see come to fruition.

Talk to East to Edinburgh and develop idea with them.

Talk to Lawrence somebody who did a really well-known show in a wheelchair about which venues are accessible and he may also have contacts.

Jennifer: Had a really good experience taking Borderline to Underbelly, got lots of amazing reviews which has really helped.

Advice: Do Pleasance or Underbelly or don’t bother (gulp!)

Spend £1200 either on flyering (James Seabright), if you want audience, or on a PR team if you want reviews

You need a video showcase

You can get into these venues, we were small fry and we got in

Then: can we organize a festival experience which is genuinely enjoyable, where we are part of a scene, like a party, use the £5-fringe and start to genuinely foster a kind of skill-exchange spirit of generosity around Edinburgh that sidesteps the sense that you can’t put on a show for less than £5K and then spending every day thinking Am I Famous Yet?