Why do we keep going?!

catherine church, 21 September 2012

Well, Why do we? I guess the question was not that compelling as I was on my own and then Phelim came along and saved me speaking to myself. However, I guess the question is why do I?

Looking back over 15 years of running Platform 4 I now find myself finally making the best work - and looking back I can see the peaks and the troughs involved and have recognised that really making the type of work that is at your heart (not necessarily the type of work you think you should be doing) is the key, well it is for me and its taking quite a while to realise this!

Phelim and I spoke about the fact that its amazing that people do and I guess we did and we wanted to celebrate this in this session!

Perhaps you don;t care so much about what people think when you are doing your best work?!

As you get older you learn to say No more and you are more defined by the things you say no to than the things you say yes to. 

the peaks and the troughs - and ‘The Dip’ written by seth godin was mentioned.

We spoke about the inspiration of Winchester Theatre Royal as a building, I remember sitting here aged 15 and watching Complicite and Cheek by Jowl - 25 years ago and those moments of beauty that made me want to make beautiful moments in theatre for people and inspired by people.

The history of what is held in the walls.

The fact that as artist led companies it is very easy to feel isolated and lonely even when you are perceived as ‘successful’ but also this intangible sense that we are in a long line of troubadours and companies that have inspired us and that this sense of a belonging is important at these down times.

It is easy to disconnect even when you are doing your most successful work to this sense of belonging.

do people in buildings feel this sense of belonging?

The people that make you want to do and see things are about often a one on one experience - I came here because I respect Mark etc etc.. and a recognition that we are elders now - and its our job to give back …


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