Why do some people 'fear' open space?

Chris Heighton, 26 September 2012

Removal of comfort zones and recognised secure environments…Where as others see OS as a very secure space….

Do people from organisations fear expressing fundamental issues publicly? Does this make OS clinical in some form or ‘Lab’ OS?

Or is it more broadly about human conditioning and the ‘i am’ and the society of individuals - dissolving of community?

OS can often present ‘feedback’ in its purest forms which for some people is very frightening…

There is also a fear of what OS can actually generate, in terms of leadership, change and the overall empowerment OS can bring - which can be an overwhelming and scary experience for some… In addition, the responsibility OS can place on some individuals to lead on key outcomes can be very scary…

Fear of power and strength of feeling is often very strong which stop people from taking part…

Fundamentally, its a fear of the unknown, but also that what we invite to OS isn't necessarily what happens…..

OS can often present people in their purest form - removing the everyday masks of a job, role or organisation - this tends to happen sub-consciously….. and without people realising…. but some people do quite suddenly, which can be a frightening experience..

Do people in certain job roles fear the OS platform - politicians?

'The most creative of OS environments is where there is potential for conflict' - both energising and frightening?

Chris H/Phelim/Wendy/Matt


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