Why do most of the poulation choose NOT to go to the theatre?

Martin Harris, 2 October 2012

Called by: Martin Harris

Attended: Samantha Miller, Gemma Bodinetz, Tessa Buddle, Julie Hanna, Aliki Chapple, Guy Hargreaves, Ann Farrar, Kathryn Worthington, Nerissa Cargill Thompson

Nothing worse than shit theatre.

Marketing / Football.

Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool has a more relaxed feel. Does well. Cabaret style.

Theatre relevant to local people. Entertainment.

In greece regular theatre like Newsreview in London. Again relaxed, about news and current affairs, cabaret style. Very popular but not reviewed (which doesn't matter).

Is there actuallt any need to persuade people who don't go to the theatre to go - or should we leave them alone?

Barriers to coming to show…

- perception that city centre is dangerous after dark

- nowhere to park

- public transport problems

Not everything suits everyone - 7 / 7:30pm show too early for parents with young families

Playhouse has twilight performances - 5 / 5:30pm. Some schools prefer this. Home produced shows.

Can theatres have more flexible performance times?

Actors enjoy twilight shows. Have good post-show discussions.

Why can't we take theatre to the people? But… where do you go? Weather is a problem for outside. Can't afford commercial spaces.

Community spaces?

Can be expensive to do this - electric generator, black out etc. Are we just offering a poorer version of what they could see if they came to the theatre?

We need both - give and take.

If you take theatre to community spaces will that always be the expectation? Will they then not go to ‘theatres’?

How do you define a regular theatre goer? - People who go once a year / every 5 years / do people consider themselves regular theatre goers.

So much choice. So much going on. economic reasons?

Relaxed performances - quit shows. Ones where mobiles etc are allowed.

Do we programme for the 4 a year season goer? or for demographic who want to connect discuss arts - want the experience.

Why do we think we all have to have the same experience / needs.

No answers but interesting questions.


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