Why do more people* not do Ta-Ke-Ti-Na?

(* particularly/including actors and performers)

Convener(s): Gerard Bell

Participants: Theron Schmidt, Morven, Rosemary Lee, Danny Scheinmann, Alex and others.


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

The obvious answer is because not many people know about it?

This introduced it further.


We talked about it, we did some exercises, played some games and talked some more.


Simply (hopefully) Ta Ke Ti Na is a practice of polyrhythm, where you are encouraged to vocalize one rhythmic pattern (syllabically), while you feet move t another and your hands too another all at the same time. The leader (a great and modest expert) leads the circle and with a chant to be imitated helps the circle in the rhythm and throws them of it.

If this sounds bizarre it is impossible to do, it is the greatest fun, and reassembles the mind. It is like meditation while being active.

Part of the purpose is that you can’t do it but sometimes you can.


I recommend as an activity to anyone, Simon McBurney recommends it to performs as essential to the act of being onstage, so it is interesting, maybe, that it iis hard t persuade actors to do it.


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Cheers and ta!