Issue: Why are we doing it now? What are we doing it for?

Convener(s): Fiona

Participants: Fiona, Patricia, Greg + 5

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

  • What is unique about theatre over other art forms?


               Offers the opportunity for a multi-sensory response.

  • Is audience participation the way forward?

Participation v manipulation eg. Copenhagen conferencing\ theatre in galleries – good

Margate Exodus – questionable

  • Do the audience need to know they are participating?
  • Can we still reflect back at the world fairly immediately – is that part of our uniqueness?
  • How do funding and risk-taking co-exist?
  • Are we using the art form to challenge ourselves?
  • Given that we live in such a technological world, can we really capture life now using this art form?
  • Is making small,intimate pieces the answer?
  • Make it free.
  • Can we, like painters, make a product and sell it to theatres as it is?
  • We’re doing it to bring people together – to draw in the community.
  • Is what we are doing building a community for that period in time?