Why are there empty seats in theatres? Cost content company

Liz Wainwright, 4 October 2012

Think about Cost Content Company
Cost - the need for fringe theatres in Leeds and transport together with low prices to make theatre accessible and to form a theatre habit -which depends on quality of the production.
Make theatre and different genres of theatre popular again especially for a new generation of theatre goers.Include New Technology Theatre.
Theatre should be a social experience and need to get groups together e.g by taking actors to work places to encourage people to book seats and go together.
Fringe to thrive alongside established venues.
Also consider that 'theatre is fairground; so make a fairground of theatre in the city centre, Street theatre needed to show non theatre goers what theatre is,
But always need quality of content and performance.
Collaboration needed to create theatre when funding is not available.


accessibility, transport, Need Fringe venues, empty seats, new generation theatre, new technology theatre, cost