Who Wants to Make a Puppet Show with Mermaids!?    

Convener(s): Randy Ginsburg

Participants: Alice Hoult, Alyson Mckechnie, Sophie Nagovitsyna, Alex Flehman, Gulerana Mir


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

First I was alone, and I waited holding up my sign ‘Who wants to make a Puppet show with Mermaids.”

As I endured the wait alone, I wrote down that perhaps the UK is not the right country for me to be in, and that why did I move to such a dull place anyway where people aren’t interested in Mermaid puppets. What Kind of Theater Makers were here, anyway. It’s a sign I should move home.

At last, some people arrived. I told them there was a Scratch Night at BAC coming up devoted to puppetry that I was applying for. I have a movement director interested and I am a puppet designer/ maker. We are looking at a variety of folktales, in particular, Rusalka the Russian folktale.

This sparked a conversation between me and Sophie, who is Russian, and we talked about the symbolism of water and the unknown in Russian folktales. She recommended the author, Vladimir Propp, who writes much about that.